that time i embroidered nicolas cage’s face

nicolas cage embroidery

Full disclosure: actually this has happened twice now. I would like it to happen more times, but sadly no one else seems to be into having Nicolas Cage’s face in their house. The first time was a bit of a joke, and his face embroidery included a really silly collar and got sewn into a pillow.

nicolas cage embroidery


The second time, I embroidered him for my etsy shop. This time he’s in a more accessible 8×10 format, so he can be framed and hung in your bathroom or maybe get placed on your mantel.

It is important to note that I own about 50 Nicolas Cage movies. Friends have made me amazing Nicolas Cage themed plates and candles. My coworkers at Half Price Books bought me a cake and decorated it with photos of him on popsicle sticks. My facebook feed is about equal parts Nicolas Cage posts and cat posts from friends.

In summary, Nicolas Cage is the best and embroidery is fun.



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