how to embroider vines and leaves

how to embroider vines and leaves - making jiggy

Vines are one of the easiest and fastest borders to add to an embroidery! In this tutorial I’ll show you how to draw the vines, how to stitch them, and also some tricks for keeping the back of your work nice and neat. 😀

Want to learn how to embroider the flowers? Here’s the tutorial!

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how to add easy borders to embroidery hoop art

how to add borders to your embroideries - making jiggy

Lately I’ve been trying to make my embroideries a little more detailed – adding borders and additional decoration. I have a tendency to always gravitate to more simple and minimalist designs, so it’s been hard to get fancy. Though I am enjoying it. 😀

While I normally eyeball my borders and draw them in with pencil until I get them right, there’s an even easier way – using a smaller hoop as your guide!

Want to learn how to do the flowers featured above? Check out my how to embroider flowers tutorial.

If you’re brand new to embroidery, please see Embroidery 101 for all the basics and loads of examples. 😀

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