hooray for good weekends!

lemon dog chile sauce bread

This weekend has been nice and productive. 😀

I made a huge batch of homemade red chile sauce with pasilla chiles. (It’s so different than red sauce made from guajillo chiles – I can’t wait to make enchiladas with it!)

Tyler and I went to the nursery and bought some seeds, strawberry plants and planters. 😀 We found a box with “free lemons” written on it and it contained some of the most massive lemons I’ve ever seen, so of course I had to take three of those.

I made another loaf of whole wheat bread and I think I’ve finally perfected it. Now I can have good sandwich bread without milk – and without dropping $5 a loaf.

Roscoe is included because he is so very excited about hanging out on the back porch while we garden.

And now I’ve got to get back to embroidering – I have so many pieces left to make for Patchwork Oakland!

chocolate cream pie recipe

chocolate cream pie

Chocolate cream pie is my favorite sort of pie. This particular recipe has been a family favorite forever – I always loved the holidays and my birthday growing up because I knew Gram would make a chocolate cream pie. My mom now carries on the tradition for Thanksgiving and Christmas, and it’s a favorite among my friends too. It’s fairly quick to make and I’ve never, ever had one go badly. You can even make a pudding out of it by increasing the milk by 1/4 cup.


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