sloppy joe + puff pastry intestines

puff pastry intestines

Puff pastry intestines are fun to make and a nice change from all the sweet Halloween eats. 😀

These intestines have a major place in my human torso appetizer project, too!

puff pastry intestines

I filled these with my grandmother’s sloppy joe recipe, but you could fill them with all sorts of mixes. I’d like to do a samosa mix inside for this Halloween.

Once you have them filled, you roll them up, put them in a pan and brush on egg wash (with a little food coloring mixed in!) – pretty fast!

puff pastry intestines

∆∆∆ to see the full step-by-step puff pastry intestines recipe, click here! ∆∆∆

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  1. Michelle Levy October 27, 2017

    Thanks for the tutorial. Mine came out great and disgusting. I put a sign on it saying sloppy joes guts.


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