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TheDIYOutlet aluminum extension ladder

I recently got a chance to get an aluminum extension ladder from! And right in time too – we just got loads of rain here in northern California.

The extension ladder is 11 feet long – perfect for getting up on our roof! Not to mention it’s light enough that I can lug it around easily. That’s a great bonus for such a large ladder! I love that it can also be configured as an A-frame ladder or a standard ladder – that means we’ll get loads of use out out it inside the house, too.

We’ve been living in the same place for a bit, and have always wanted to use the teeny bit of outside space we’ve got near our kitchen windows or maybe even make a little space on the roof.


But once we got up there using the ladder we realized we had more serious problems to take care of first! Turns out no one’s checked on this roof for a long time, and we had to clean four trash bag’s worth of leaves, branches and black sludge out of the drains.

I’m so happy we got this ladder before the rain came – otherwise I might be up on it right now plastering and repainting out ceiling. Yikes!

Big thanks to and their awesome products! And keep an eye out for this ladder in future projects – I think we’ll be embarking on some awesome apartment renovations now that I can reach ALL THE THINGS.

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