look at all them embroideries

making jiggy embroideries

Patchwork is only a few days away! I actually took today and tomorrow off work to get going on MOAR STUFF. Right now I have 22 embroideries in hoops, and I have not yet counted the flat ones. Once I laid them out I started worrying it was not enough.

Also pictured: nine nearly completed needlebooks. They are in serious need of some buttons.

I need to make golden snitches, more lego jewelry, and maybe some chapstick too! I have two pounds of beeswax that needs to be used at some point, and this is as good a time as any. 😀

making jiggy embroideries

And now I need to go fight with my ironing board and finish more flat embroideries. Yeehaw!

kentucky, you’re the best

kentucky bourbon shotglass

Tyler and I have been watching the Derby coverage today and feeling homesick! It’s raining cats and dogs back home and everyone there is either inside or wearing plastic ponchos, but I’d love to be there.

I am drinking Old Forester out of a KY State Parks shotglass and wishing I was eating barbeque at Mark’s or some roadside place in Mayfield. Or at Simply Thai, The Irish Rover or Shalimar! Hell, I’d even take working the buy counter at Half Price Books today. I’m that homesick. I am sure I will get another round of homesickness when the KY State Fair rolls around in August.

I guess I should probably get back to embroidering/sewing and stop fantasizing about Kentucky. 😀