new embroideries

making jiggy embroideries

yayayayayayay! before the re:make show, i got really freaked out about not having enough embroideries and proceeded to embroider like a madwoman for a couple weeks.


on the weekend i was cranking out 2-3 embroideries every day. one day in particular i finished four. 😀 my calluses are back with a vengeance!

after embroidering so much i’ve realized several things:

  1. i need to do more satin stitching! it might be time consuming, but it looks so nice.
  2. i need to draw more and embroider more drawings.
  3. i need to do more one-off pieces. it’s sad to sell them when they’re one-of-a-kind, but sometimes being sad for a moment while putting an embroidery in an envelope is better than committing to embroidering the same thing over and over and over.

so yeah, i need to get on that! in the meantime, you should check out the new pieces here!

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