human torso appetizer

human torso appetizer

If you’re ready to go all out for your Halloween party, this human torso appetizer is the way to do it! In 2012 I spent a whole day at work making this and I think it just might be awesome enough to be worth all the time I put in. πŸ˜€

human torso appetizer

Below is a list of everything that went into the torso:

  • for the torso base (skin), lung & liver bowls, ribs, etc: three packages puff pastry – Pepperidge Farms was the easiest to work with
  • an egg for eggwashin’ the puff pastry
  • 16 oz+ white bean dip for one of the lungs (here’s my white bean dip recipe!)
  • 16 oz+ hummus for one of the lungs (here’s my recipe for hummus!)
  • pate for the liver
  • two packages smoked salmon to make the subcutaneous muscle lining the torso
  • 2 packages cream cheese for the cheeseball stomach and to keep the puff pastry bowls in place
  • shredded cheese (I used cheddar!) for the cheeseball stomach
  • a beet for the heart
  • a teeny pickle for the gallbladder
  • salami to make up the colon

I also made puff pastry intestines to go into the torso – you can find the recipe for that here!

human torso appetizer

I’ve written up a pretty comprehensive step-by-step tutorial for this, and there are loads more photos up, too.

βˆ†βˆ†βˆ† to get the recipe for this human torso appetizer, click here! βˆ†βˆ†βˆ†


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