how to grow cat grass

cat grass and cats

Growing cat grass is super simple! I grow it all the time for Big Dee and Lu. All you need are some cat grass seeds (easily found in most pet stores or online!), a small container for growing in and some soil.


growing cat grass


Fill the container most of the way up with soil – leave a couple inches at the top. Then sprinkle the soil with an even layer of seeds. Cover the seeds with about 1/4 inch of soil.

Now you’ll want to water it lightly and cover it with a little plastic wrap. Place it somewhere dark for a couple days. In 2-3 days you’ll see sprouts! At this point, take the plastic wrap off and set the grass in a nice sunny spot for 3-4 more days. Keep it away from the kitties! They tend to destroy it in two seconds at this stage. 😀

I like to let mine grow to 4-5 inches before I let them at it – it stays alive a little longer that way. It doesn’t need much care, just a little water whenever it gets droopy. It will only live for 2-3 weeks in most cases. Especially if your cats are big grass eaters like mine are.

cats eating cat grass

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  1. katie July 14, 2013

    I grow cat grass with wheat seeds [berries]– you can get it at most supermarkets, and it costs far less than pet stores/online [and often, it is the same thing]


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