faux fur tail and ears tutorial

DIY faux fur ears and tail


A couple of Halloweens ago I decided I want to be a khajiit and set about trying to figure out how to make a set of ears and a nice tail. The costume still hasn’t come together fully (I’ve got a set of armor I need to finish!) but I am really proud of these pieces, especially the ears! I also documented the process of making them, so I hope it’s helpful for other costumes as well!

faux fur ears

The ears are actually pretty simple – just long faux fur sewn to fit a cardboard and wire base! I shaved the faux fur down to give it the right look. I added felt to the inside of the ears, but I’m still not sure about the look. I think I’ll continue alter the inside of the ears. 🙂

faux fur ears

∆∆∆ Head over to Instructables to see the whole step-by-step tutorial – I’ve attached a free pattern for the ears, too! ∆∆∆

faux fur tail


The tail is even easier than the ears – it’s essentially just a tube with a rounded tip. I stuffed it with fabric scraps at first, but that turned out to be a little bit heavy for extended wear. I’ve removed most of the stuffing these days and it’s much lighter and still pretty fluffy. 😀

∆∆∆ To see the whole tutorial, head over to Instructables! ∆∆∆


  1. nope heck naw not giving u my name October 20, 2017

    awesome! i am also a huge skyrim fam and wish i could do a khajiit cosplay. my characters are almost always khajiit.

    • nope heck naw not giving u my name October 20, 2017

      * fan sry for typo


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