DIY landscape votive holders

DIY landscape votive holders

i love these – super quick and easy to make, and they make LEd tealights look real fancy.


all you need is a good source image – i used this one of trees, and this one of the Louisville skyline. something in black and white with a lot of contrast is best!

resize/crop the image to 1000px wide and 600-800px tall – you need to print it at about 8 inches wide by 4+ inches tall. once it’s printed, trim the white off the bottom edge of the image. leave a tiny strip (1/8 inch or less) on the top. fold that over to the back of the image. you might need to trim the sides slightly, too – but leaving edges of 1/4 is great. fold over one of the side edges so you have a nice clean edge on top.

glue the two sides together and you’re good to go!

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  1. zane August 13, 2014

    so simple…so nice…BTW…i want your instructables job!!!


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