diy bb cream

diy bb cream

Making my own BB cream is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Sure, I looked like a hot mess for a while until I figured out the right ratios, but it’s so much better than any of the store bought ones I’ve used.

I’ve been using it exclusively for over a month now, and I can’t see any reason to try anything else.

It’s light but has great coverage – and it’s never greasy, even with extra sunscreen added! The anti-chafing gel keeps my oil in control, too.


the magic bb ratio:

  • 1/3 foundation
  • 1/3 moisturizer
  • 1/6 chafing gel
  • 1/6 sunscreen

sunscreen – sweat and water resistant is best, try to find something that isn’t too greasy so there’s less chance of it clogging your pores. Plus, your BB cream will stay on forever if you use a water resistant sunscreen.

moisturizer – if you have dry skin, use a creamy one; if you have oily skin, try an oil free lotion.

liquid foundation – I had the best luck with liquid/cream foundation. Powder was hard to mix and did not blend well.

Monistat chafing gel – this sounds crazy, I know! But its main ingredient is the main ingredient in several makeup primers, and it makes your BB cream go on smooth and stay nice and matte. A warning about this – I have heard of this causing breakouts in some folks. If you’re breakout prone, go a little lighter on it or leave it out. I haven’t had any problems but I can’t promise it will be the same for you.

I didn’t measure, just went for it! Just put it in a nice trial size container and shake it up. A squeeze bottle or a bottle with a pump is the right idea here – I don’t think putting it in a pot would be a good idea since you’d be contaminating it with your fingers every time.

diy bb creamI did add a little more moisturizer after the first couple weeks because my cheeks felt a little dry – it’s perfect now! Play around with the basic ratio to see what works best for you. I think you’ll be surprised with how easy it is. 😀

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