persimmon bourbon pie with vanilla crumble

persimmon bourbon pie with vanilla crumble - making jiggy

With persimmon season approaching fast, I wanted to post this recipe to get you guys prepared. Persimmons are one of my favorite fruits! I grew up eating fuyu persimmons and only recently discovered them again when I moved to California. There was a huge persimmon tree on my family’s land in Kentucky and it’s one of my fondest fall memories. 😀

And while persimmons are great right off the tree, this pie makes them even more delicious.

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blueberry pancakes

blueberry and oatmeal pancakes recipe - making jiggy

These blueberry and oatmeal pancakes are a fantastic weekend breakfast! You can use both fresh and frozen blueberries in these – they turn out awesome either way. 😀

Pancakes are definitely one of my favorite breakfast foods – right up there with biscuits and gravy. And these are so easy to make you really can’t go wrong.
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