reaching new heights with!

TheDIYOutlet aluminum extension ladder

I recently got a chance to get an aluminum extension ladder from! And right in time too – we just got loads of rain here in northern California.

The extension ladder is 11 feet long – perfect for getting up on our roof! Not to mention it’s light enough that I can lug it around easily. That’s a great bonus for such a large ladder! I love that it can also be configured as an A-frame ladder or a standard ladder – that means we’ll get loads of use out out it inside the house, too.

We’ve been living in the same place for a bit, and have always wanted to use the teeny bit of outside space we’ve got near our kitchen windows or maybe even make a little space on the roof.

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hooray for good weekends!

lemon dog chile sauce bread

This weekend has been nice and productive. 😀

I made a huge batch of homemade red chile sauce with pasilla chiles. (It’s so different than red sauce made from guajillo chiles – I can’t wait to make enchiladas with it!)

Tyler and I went to the nursery and bought some seeds, strawberry plants and planters. 😀 We found a box with “free lemons” written on it and it contained some of the most massive lemons I’ve ever seen, so of course I had to take three of those.

I made another loaf of whole wheat bread and I think I’ve finally perfected it. Now I can have good sandwich bread without milk – and without dropping $5 a loaf.

Roscoe is included because he is so very excited about hanging out on the back porch while we garden.

And now I’ve got to get back to embroidering – I have so many pieces left to make for Patchwork Oakland!