embroidering lately

wild thing embroideries

Lately I’ve not been embroidering very much at all. After a really busy holiday season on Etsy that seemed to go until February, and then trying to build inventory up for Patchwork show last month, I was wiped. Totally burned out.

Etsy’s been slow lately, and I’ve been trying to focus on other things, too! But I got an order last week for the set of wild things embroideries above. I realize now that I’ve embroidered these so many times I can almost do it blindfolded. I’ve embroidered them so many times that they seem like a chore now, and that makes me sad.


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look at all them embroideries

making jiggy embroideries

Patchwork is only a few days away! I actually took today and tomorrow off work to get going on MOAR STUFF. Right now I have 22 embroideries in hoops, and I have not yet counted the flat ones. Once I laid them out I started worrying it was not enough.

Also pictured: nine nearly completed needlebooks. They are in serious need of some buttons.

I need to make golden snitches, more lego jewelry, and maybe some chapstick too! I have two pounds of beeswax that needs to be used at some point, and this is as good a time as any. 😀

making jiggy embroideries

And now I need to go fight with my ironing board and finish more flat embroideries. Yeehaw!

legend of zelda embroideries

legend of zelda embroideries

triforce, ocarina, rupee, navi!

Today I completed something I’ve been meaning to do for a looooooooong time. I made some Legend of Zelda embroideries! It took a couple nights of work for the whole set, which is not bad. 😀 I’m super pleased with them!

Each piece is satin stitched and backstitched, and framed in a itty bitty three inch hoop. Below is a mini walkthrough of how I did it:

I’ve posted a full tutorial and included a pattern on instructables if you’d like to make your own. 😀

And I’m selling them in my etsy store if you’re not much of a crafter!