reaching new heights with!

TheDIYOutlet aluminum extension ladder

I recently got a chance to get an aluminum extension ladder from! And right in time too – we just got loads of rain here in northern California.

The extension ladder is 11 feet long – perfect for getting up on our roof! Not to mention it’s light enough that I can lug it around easily. That’s a great bonus for such a large ladder! I love that it can also be configured as an A-frame ladder or a standard ladder – that means we’ll get loads of use out out it inside the house, too.

We’ve been living in the same place for a bit, and have always wanted to use the teeny bit of outside space we’ve got near our kitchen windows or maybe even make a little space on the roof.

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new sewing machineeeee

janome hd 1000 sewing machine

Just got it yesterday! My Brother (seen looking very sad on the right) only lasted me a couple of years. I don’t think I’ll ever buy a computerized sewing machine again – there are just too many things you can’t control! And I can’t say I ever used more than 2-3 of all those fancy stitches with any regularity. 😛

I’ve been sewing for almost 20 years, so if I haven’t used anything but straight, zigzag, stretch and overlocking stitches I probably won’t start now. I decided to go shopping for a metal body machine with no frills. Let’s be reasonable here!

I’m really excited about the Janome – I got the HD 1000. 😀 I watched a video of someone sewing through a yardstick with it. FOR REAL.

It was at that point that I became infatuated, because the Brother couldn’t even sew a french seam in canvas.

I haven’t got to use it much yet because of instructables work and etsy work, but I can’t wait 😀

kentucky, you’re the best

kentucky bourbon shotglass

Tyler and I have been watching the Derby coverage today and feeling homesick! It’s raining cats and dogs back home and everyone there is either inside or wearing plastic ponchos, but I’d love to be there.

I am drinking Old Forester out of a KY State Parks shotglass and wishing I was eating barbeque at Mark’s or some roadside place in Mayfield. Or at Simply Thai, The Irish Rover or Shalimar! Hell, I’d even take working the buy counter at Half Price Books today. I’m that homesick. I am sure I will get another round of homesickness when the KY State Fair rolls around in August.

I guess I should probably get back to embroidering/sewing and stop fantasizing about Kentucky. 😀

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